Walking in the valleys and mountains surrounding Abondance is a delight and inspiration. When you think you’ve seen the most beautiful of views, you turn another corner and you are presented with breath taking splendour.

This is a national park and the French authorities have made it very easy to explore, whilst preserving the nature you have come to see.

Walking in the mountains can be as strenuous or as relaxing as you like, because there is such a wide variety of walks. Steep inclines or gentle strolls. One hour walks, or all day hikes. There are clear maps showing the walks available and signposts clearly show the direction and length of walks.

One of the special features in the mountains is the refuges. These are restaurants with overnight accommodation of the basic variety. Refuge Les Tindaret is fabulous. It is about a one and a quarter hours walk from Lac des Plagnes. The food is great, the views excellent and it’s a great lunchtime reward for a good morning walk.

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