• Accommodation
  • Can we bring pets?

    Yes. Dogs are welcome but we do add a small extra charge for cleaning if you choose to do so. No alligators or grizzly bears though!

  • Do you have a stair gate, high chair and a cot?

    Yes we have one high chair for eating at the dining table. We have a stairs gate which goes at the bottom of the stairs. There is one cot which fits in the family room. For any of these please ask when you make your booking so that we can ensure they are out / installed on your arrival.

  • Is there a place to dry clothes etc?

    The ski room is where our boiler is and is ideal for drying clothes and boots etc.

  • Summer
  • Does the garden have fencing all the way round?

    Yes. There are two gates and the fencing is a minimum of 60cm high

  • What summer garden furniture is there?

    In the garden there is outdoor rattan seating for eight people, plus deck chairs for two. On the breakfast balcony there is seating for four. Please see the garden and breakfast balcony pages for photos.

    We also have a chest of beach towels in the kitchen for your use.

  • Can we hire bikes nearby?

    Bouvet sports, which is about 60 seconds away, hires mountain bikes in the summer.

  • Winter
  • How far is the nearest ski lift?

    900m. Out of the Chalet turn left, right and left again on the main street. Keep going over the river and the ski station is right in from of you. It takes about 5 to 8 minutes. Getting back can be quicker when the ski run back into the centre of the village is open. It then takes about 2 to 3 minutes to walk back.

    Other lifts are available via the ski bus to La Chapelle d'Abondance, Chatel, Linge, Pre La Joux, and then on to Avoriaz & Morzine.

  • How do we light the fire in the lounge?

    There are full instructions in the Chalet Booklet, but here are the main points.

    1. Use 3 pieces of kindling from small basket to the left of the fireplace. Lay these on top of the fire rack in the fireplace.
    2. Use 1 log from the large log basket to the right of the fireplace, and place this on top of the kindling.
    3. Take a firelighter, light it and place it under the fire rack in the fireplace.
    4. Once established add another log from the large log basket.
    5. Sit back and enjoy.
    6. If you leave the lounge please place the fire grill in front of the fire to stop any sparks jumping out.


  • Where we do we access the Portes du Soleil from?

    You can access the Portes du Soleil from Pres La Joux, Linge, & Chatel itself. You can even do this from La Chapelle d'Abondance. The nearest lifts to the rest of the Portes du Soleil are Linge & Pres La joux.

  • Can we ski to Morzine & Les Gets?

    Yes to both.

    You ski from Chatel / Pre La Joux to Avoriaz and then down into Morzine. You cross Morzine either by bus, or it's not too far to walk across the town. Then up and over to Les Gets.

    We have skied to Les Gets for lunch quite comfortably.

  • How do we organise ski school?

    There is an Ecole du Ski Francais hut on the main street about 60 seconds walk from Chalet Alys. In there you can find all the information you need on ski school, coaching, guiding etc.

    You can also go online to the Portes du Soleil website to see more details.

    Abondance has a ski school which teaches skiing on the Abondance slopes and goes further up the valley.

    The ski slopes in Abondance are very good for beginnners because they are gentle, wide and never too busy to make them feel uncomfortable. Also people skiing in Abondance seem to be a bit more respectful of each other. Maybe this is because it is mostly families, or because the ski area has a kind of retro feel to it.

  • Do you have any recommendations of other ski areas to go to?

    If you have a car then driving over to St Jean D'Aulps is an excellent idea. The ski area is quite different in that it is a loop or circuit. You ski off and follow the lifts in a big circle back to the beginning. On your way you will pass spectacular scenery, through woods and just enough restaurants and bars should you need to stop for a break. There are occasional benches, or fallen trees to sit and picnic on.


  • Local Services
  • Are there buses?

    There is the Columbus which operates in summer and winter,up and down the valley every hour. During the ski season there is a ski bus to the other ski areas in the valley.

  • Is there a bank ATM nearby?

    There is a Credit Agricole in the village with ATM.

  • How close are the nearest bars and restaurants?

    The main street of Abondance is 60 seconds walk away and yet you will not hear any noise from the Chalet! Even on market day! There you will find bars, cafes and restaurants including traditional Savoyard dishes and two restaurants offering pizzas.

  • What night life is there for teenagers / young adults?

    In Abondance there are traditional French bars. If you want something more lively there are more 'trendy' bars in Chatel, as well as a night club. Our teenagers and then young adults have had New Years Eve and other nights out in Chatel and had a great time. Over Christmas and New Year there are plenty of young people around looking to have a good time. Best to to book a taxi home, and they will happily do so at any time of night.