Chalet Alys is a superb base for your holiday; whether summer or winter, whether you want to chill or get out and be adventurous.

The Chalet is spacious and comfortable and invites you to simply enjoy it.

If you feel like a wander you can take a gentle stroll into Abondance, which is about 60 seconds away if you go really slowly. On Sundays Abondance hosts the largest outdoor market in the valley and yet you can barely hear a sound. You will be astonished if you stay in the summer, to see how large the market is and how many people are visiting it.

You can take a further stroll up to see the Abbey and explore the little alley ways and look at the interesting local architecture.

Stop for a while at one of the various cafes and bars.

But then if you feel like adventure there is a lot of choice. Skiing in Abondance is ideal for families. But there’s more skiing up the valley in La Chappelle d’Abondance with two ski areas. Then there’s more up the valley at Le Petit Chatel and Linga, but then the whole Portes Du Soleil is easily accessed via Pre La Joux. If you want to explore further afield there is the ski area of Bernex and if you want a totally unique experience got to St Jean d’Aulps and enjoy the circular route and the lovely mountain restaurants.

Walking around Abondance is an inspiration.

If you want variety take a bus, taxi or drive down to Thonon & Evian to visit the Chateau and beach areas, which feel more like the coast of the south of France than a lake.


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